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Product Description

This box combines a selection of flavours which are the most popular with our macaron fans. There’s usually something in this box for everyone, and definitely a few which will cause a fight!

  • Vanilla – Our simple and delicious vanilla almond butter cream. Light but packed with Tahitian Vanilla seeds to produce a marvellous flavour.
  • Salted Caramel – It’s that sweet and salty combination that makes everyone come back to this again and again. Will this be your favourite?
  • Pistachio – for those who like more nuts with their nuts. Perfect ground pistachio nuts whipped together with light butter and icing sugar to form an amazing combination.
  • Dark Chocolate and Raspberry – it wouldn’t be a bestseller box without a dark chocolate and raspberry macaron. Chocolate ganache with a delicious Scottish Raspberry fondant centre.
  • Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter – another sweet and salty combination for the nut lovers. Milk chocolate ganache with a PB and ground almond butter cream filling; YUMMY!
  • Pink Champagne – an almond butter cream flavoured with champagne. It’s not a box of best sellers without one of these!

NOTE: We do not deliver your macarons on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday due to the risk they will sit in a post depot over the weekend.  We want you to enjoy your macarons as fresh as possible.